Thursday, 30 January 2014


It is one hundred years since the influential short story writer Robert Aickman was born. To celebrate this, I shall be uploading a few odds & ends that I have written, published or chanced across.

Aickman has influenced many artists and writers, including David Lynch, Edward Gorey, Robert Bloch, Daphne Du Maurier, and perhaps most recently, Mark Gatiss and Jeremy Dyson from the 'The League Of Gentlemen'. His uniquely disturbed, visionary perspective portrays seemingly realistic events through a nightmarish filter, gradually enveloping the reader in a cloud of gloomy, tenebrous oppression.

I have often been asked about the below article 'The Stains - Robert Aickman's Swansong', which first appeared in an issue of David Longhorn's long-running journal "Supernatural Tales" from 2004. Well, here it is, scanned and uploaded for your delectation. It attempts to analyse his last story "The Stains", with specific reference to Aickman's mental state, and his perspective on the doomed relationship he had with Elizabeth Jane Howard.

As ever, you are quite welcome to copy or quote from this, in exchange for a mere name-check.

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