Sunday, 2 February 2014

Unpleasant Demons: Violence & Cruelty in The Jamesian Tale

This is a ten-year old piece which sought to analyse the role of violence [or more specifically, the role of sexual violence] in the work of M.R. James, the noted author of ghost-stories. It originally appeared in the journal "Weirdly Supernatural". 

Personally, I find the posthumous deification given to James a little uncomfortable, given the rather obvious undercurrents in much of his work. Critics and scholars appear to be engaged in a strange game of denial, presumably in order to keep James' image wholesome to the undiscerning public. 

James' work is powerful yet disturbing. It would help to know why. 

NB. Apologies for the original error in uploading these pages in the wrong order. The article should now be in the correct running order. 

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